Royal Society of St. George

Officially on December 12, 2016 Her Excellency Princess Karen Cantrell became the founding charter sponsor of The Royal Society of St. George, California Branch. after receiving news from Elizabeth Lloyd the General Secretary and Joanna M. Cadman the International Chair that her request to establish a California Branch was granted.

The Royal Society of St. George (RSSG) is an organization founded to promote English values, traditions and customs. The society is one of the oldest organizations in the United States dating back to 1770 in New York and 1773 in Philadelphia. Today the principle office of the organization is in Essex, England and has branches and affiliates all around the world.

The Ambassador having traced her genealogy back to English royalty took a keen interest in the Royal Society of St. George both because of her heritage but because of the opportunity to create a significant development by fostering the traditions of finer and elegant English culture of noble heraldry which are among her diverse interests.  Ambassador Cantrell stated, “the organization has great potential in the Los Angeles area to become involved in benevolent community work and I am looking forward to the opportunity.”

Introducing the Royal Society of St. George to California

I have always been impressed by royalty, diplomacy, etiquette and the finer things in life that make the world more aesthetically pleasing and better through the deeds we convert into titles. When I saw the opportunity to bring the Royal Society of St. George to California I could not resist the temptation to manifest it for California and the so many distinguished friends I have that share the culture and traditions of England.

Message from the new Chairperson

April 21st, 2017 – On behalf of the President, Chairman, Executive Committee and Trustees of the California Branch Royal Society of St. George we join in commemorating St. George’s Day and salute the virtues of courage, fortitude and charity of our venerable patron saint and martyr. St. George for England! God Save the Queen! –Princess Karen Cantrell, Chairperson of the Royal Society of St. George, California

An Old Ideal in our Modern World

As we move forward to advance civilization, humanity mixes more and more until many of the most treasured traditions and customs can be overlooked, diluted and forgotten. Thanks to people like Ambassador Karen Cantrell and thousands of others around the world people can hold on and preserve the best things we have learned during our lifetimes and generations.

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