Story of Princess Karen Cantrell

Once Upon a time there was a Princess named Karen Cantrell…

Yes, It is true Karen Cantrell’s real name is Princess Karen Cantrell

Karen Cantrell Par Excellence Magazine

You can check out her Passport or driver’s license ….. That is her real name!

Friends of Princess Karen often refer to her as a good person who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It is easy to see why. She has modeled all her life and won numerous beauty contests using her winnings to pay on her education. She won a full voice scholarship to Converse College and studied voice under Jane Frazier the mother of world renounced American soprano. Gianna Rolandi. While studying at Converse College she began to attend riding classes and became an expert equestrian eventor.

She is President and CEO of Rancho Mirage Golf Inc. dba Lady Golf.

She is a woman with a vision.

She opened her fine golf and apparel store in Rancho Mirage in November 1993 for very specific reasons. First, she wanted to sell to a market that wasn’t being served. ” I was looking at niche marketing. Golf was one of the last areas of discrimination against women”

Location was second factor. ” I knew when I opened in Rancho Mirage California that I had a gold mine. This is the playground of corporate presidents and the wealthy.”

Cantrell didn’t start out with being a golf retailer in mind. She was studying opera when her mother became ill and she had to leave college to help in the family business. Princess Karen became heavily involved in politics in South Carolina and was hand selected by Governor Richard W. Riley  in 1982 to attend the Leadership South Carolina program for 1 year. Princess Karen graduated with honors. With the help of 15 women she organized and became the first elected President of The South Carolina Women’s Political Caucus.

“I worked in the Oil and Gasoline business for 15 years and decided I wanted to to my own thing.” Her “own thing” included traveling around the world taking gourmet cooking classes and studying art.

After she relocated at the end of her travels in Palm Springs California. She worked for Saks 5th Avenue for several years which gave her a very strong background in high end retailing. During this time she became the president of the Assessment District of Palm Springs and head of the Business and Retail division for the Palm Spring Chamber of Commerce.

Exclusivity is an important ingredient in her recipe for success. Most of Lady Golf‘s clothing labels carry European labels. “Europeans are extremely creative and have a passion for quality and design. I very much appreciate that and so do my clients!” She attempts  to not carry items that can be purchased in the local golf stores or Country Clubs so her clientele will not see themselves coming and going. If an item is sold in a discounter you will not see it in her store.

Like so many other small business owners her philosophy focuses on service and quality. I cater to the richest women in the world. I also have moms, real estate agents, teachers as clients and they all want quality and service and …… They are willing to pay for it. “My clients may make a deeper investment in what they buy from me, but again the quality and timelessness of the clothing make them a very good value.”

Personal service is Lady Golf’s middle name! Roger Genuin of Walter Genuin Golf and Dress in Munich Germany, recently personally delivered orders to Lady Golf customers. ” Clients want attention and service when they spend their money and we give it to them.”

Princess Karen does private personal shopping for her clients both here in the USA and on her numerous buying trips to Europe. She will also bring vendors to her client’s homes for private showings. Her clients include, politicians, movie stars, sheiks, and community members.

Lady Golf succeeds by keeping current with the latest trends and by listening to her clients wish lists. “With a small business you have the ability to react immediately. You see a need and you fill it and quickly!

I have reinvented Lady Golf a hundred times in order to  meet the demands of our clientele. I enjoy the flexibility of owning a small business because I am the one who is responsible and I do not have a long line of “suits” to answer to for my decisions. I  can make things happen for my clients on a very timely basis.

“I do not sell golf carts but when a Prince calls me from Saudi Arabia and needs one delivered to his plane in Los Angeles… I get him his golf cart delivered. I have a deluxe  shopping environment in a brick and mortar store but I do love my internet site,

Oddly, Cantrell does not play golf. “I have several LPGA professionals that I personally know and they are always asking me to come and play golf with them but then who would design and dress my clients?” I have been fortunate to be the Vice President of WIGI- Women in The Golf Industry and to have assisted in starting the Executive Women’s Golf Association in the Valley.

Princess Karen has the heart of a saint. “Karen is one of the nicest people in business,” says Viola Kelcher.” She gives, gives, gives of her time and donations to support numerous non-profits, especially those helping animal-related causes like Guide Dogs of The Desert for the blind.”

“Her smile and hearty laughter warms a room; her beautiful eyes say she is ready to have a wonderful time; her distinctive flair for tasteful, yet daring fashion tells you she is a sophisticated woman with a mind of her own.”

“Princess Karen’s dedication, compassion, and generosity have made an incredible and positive difference in the lives of people and animals. The Coachella Valley is truly blessed to have her be part of our community say Kelchner.”

“My work schedule is 6 days for work and Sundays are sacred, I am a member of several Orders which I am very proud of.”

Kentucky Colonel

Karen Cantrell, Kentucky Colonel

During her interview we reviewed her wall and some of the certificates she has displayed to discover more about the Princess.

“My birth name is Princess Karen Sue Cantrell, Baroness Karen S. Cantrell, Vidamesse de Saint Paul. I am the 20th Great granddaughter of H.G. Duke John of Gaunt – 4th son of Edward III, King of England, the 7th Great Granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin. ”

Princess Karen is a well loved personality among the world of chivalry and dynastic orders. She is a registered armiger in France and Belgium, and her coat of arms is shown in her photographs. Some of the other certificates attest that she is a goodwill ambassador also a Kentucky Colonel and has been recognized by several state governors.

Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Kt. S.O.E.T.

Commandery of San Patrizio New York

The Commandery of San Patrizio NY S.O.E.T. Was granted a decree January 02, 2010. A descendant Commandery of the Supernus Ordo Equester Templi (S.O.E.T.) of Sicily by Grand Master Danilo Riccioli

The Holy Order of Paladin Ecclesia

The Soverign Order of Saint Paul – Dame Grand Cross of Justice- USA CommanderHE Lady Princess Karen Cantrell (Lt. G.C.S.P.)

Dame Militian Grand Cross (Mil. G.C.S.P.)

H.E. Baroness Karen S. Cantrell , Vidamesse de Saint Paul

Concoeur Karen Cantrell, CLJ

The Commandery of California of the Grand Priory of the International Lazarites – Commander of the Order

Ambassador and a member of the Globcal Diplomatic Corps

Member of The Diplomatic Security Service

President/CEO Rancho Mirage Golf. Inc. DBA: Lady Golf

Vice President EUSEBIO INC. – European Couture Apparel

Her Excellency is also a Par Excellence Magazine – Advisory Board Member!

Republished and edited by Staff from article source “The Story of Princess Cantrell” by Par Excellence Magazine