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Goodwill Ambassadors Logo 2008Princess Karen S. Cantrell (Karen Cantrell) has always been committed to helping others. Her entire life has been dedicated to volunteer services with human rights programs, local civic organizations and expressing humanity towards animals. In April of 2009 she was nominated for the President’s Call to Service Award congratulating her for helping to address the most pressing needs of those less fortunate.

In October of 2009 she took on a new role as a professional international goodwill ambassador for Globcal International, an organization that was restructured from operating the first online Model United Nations platform in 2007 and 2008, to pioneer a development of Facebook diplomacy and (soft power) project for transparent iNGOs…

Ambassador Karen Cantrell’s educational background includes a Doctorate of Humane Letters (por honoris causa) from Becket Theological Institute in Canterbury England for her service to create peace, harmony, fraternity, understanding and tolerance.

Additionally the Ambassador has educational degrees from an assortment of business schools and technical degrees earned in the path of her career to become the success she is today. The Ambassador has vast knowledge and experience in communications and public affairs, and has a background in community relations, business ownership, local governance, and international affairs making her a special resource for Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (a Globcal Project).

Positions and Partnerships Developed since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador

Ambassador Karen Cantrell became a sponsor of The United Nations Associations of the United States of America for Southern California’s Inland Empire, several years later in 2015 she was asked to serve the organization as a vice president.

Ambassador Cantrell became a member of the US Diplomatic Security Service in 2010. The Ambassador is the international vice president for Empowering Women in India, Brazil,  Africa, and the UK as a part of Global Alliance to Empower Women.

In 2017 she made a new commitment with the founders of Globcal International to lead the way to promote resolving global issues and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through programs developed by the organization under partnerships with UNESCO, UNSDGs, UNICEF, UNDP, FAO, WFP, UNAIDS and over 50 more international organizations and commissions that are joined together “globally” to stop climate change and promote the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda.

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