Ambassador Karen Cantrell began researching her genealogy in 2010 when she discovered that she may have royal ancestry, and as we know today and it is proven that she is in fact directly related to Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford. She contracted a professional researcher, a genealogist to help discover more.

Tina Sansone, a professional genealogist who lives in Tennessee has worked with genealogy 15+ years and has served honorably and professionally in many genealogical societies and associations. She has served as a board member for the Association of Professional Genealogists, and is the current Vice President for the APG Second Life virtual chapter, serves as 2nd Vice President for the International Society of Family History Writers & Editors, she has been’s Genealogy Manager for 12 years, is a current board member and social media director for the Tennessee Genealogical Society and is a background researcher for The Learning Channel (TLC), “Who Do You Think You Are?”

She is also the owner of Past & Present Pathways and co-owner of Research DNA Writers. She has kept up to date with her genealogical education.  Many of her clients use her services to document their blood-lines qualifying them to apply for royal/lineage societies, as well as learning of their family ancestry.

In a document submitted by Tina Sansone regarding her genealogical research about Ambassador Cantrell.

Through documenting Ambassador Karen Cantrell’s lineage, she has proven ancestral lines to Charlemagne, Lady Godiva, Sir Edward Raleigh, Queen Margaret of Scotland, Sir Hugh DeCourtnay, Sir Anthony Woodville, Bernard-King of Italy, Henry I-King of France, David & Malcolm III- King of Scots, Alfred the Great, Pepin-King of Lombardy, Lady Diana Spencer – Princess of Wales, the Poyntz family, and many of the Plantagenets, Magna Charta & Crusaders. Through her U.S. Ancestry her ancestry is full of American Revolutionaries, Jamestown founders, and Native Americans.

It is not surprising to me that Ambassador Karen Cantrell is a true Patriot, helps those that are in need, volunteers her time and is called to serve in many capacities in both business and personal works; she descends from many that were successful leaders throughout history. As a genealogist, researching her lines, was indeed a lesson in history for me. My goal is to personally validate all the family lines documenting births, marriages, deaths, photos and stories of Ambassador Karen Cantrell – all which have been verified.

Tina Sansone, Professional Genealogist, 2017

” If you have integrity – nothing else matters. If you do not have integrity, then nothing matters. ” -Tim Wallace Murphy

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