Elected to Board of Directors, Humanity Healing International

It is with humility and conscious desire to create positive change in the lives of women and children in communities that currently have little or no hope, that I have accepted the honor and responsibility to sit on the Board of Directors of Humanity Healing International, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

“I have worked with them raising awareness and opening opportunities with their projects in Pakistan and Uganda, and I am eager to embrace my new responsibilities.”

Humanity Healing International is a wonderful charity and if you are not a current supporter, I urge you to visit http://humanityhealing.org and become one.

The following is excerpted from the letter from Christopher Buck, Chairman of the Board and CEO:

Dear Ms. Cantrell,

It is with great pleasure that I writing to inform you that you have been elected to the Board of Directors for Humanity Healing International.

You invaluable counsel and assistance with both our Women and Girls initiatives in Pakistani and with our just launched initiative for albino children in Uganda have been instrumental to their success and it was a unanimous decision to offer you the open position on the Board.

I look forward to speaking with you about your new duties and working with you to create a greater impact in the communities we serve.

With Deep Respect,
Christopher B. Buck