About Karen Cantrell

Ambassador Karen Cantrell is known among her friends as an intelligent, charming and sincere person concerned with many of the world’s most serious issues as well as matters that involve the rights of others. As a successful businesswoman she has been able to pursue benevolent social causes as a community leader and team player which has begot many awards and accolades in both her local community and abroad around the world since she became a goodwill ambassador representing non-governmental efforts to remedy the social conditions we experience today. A person of great interests who is often likely to pursue her passions spontaneously.

A Successful Business Model for Women

Thanks to the Internet and making humble but comfortable business decisions Karen Cantrell has become extremely successful in the retail ladies fashion industry and as pioneer in her field of specialization with a selected focus on golf equipment for women. In the late-80’s she began her company in one of California’s most popular golf meccas the Palm Desert. The very existence of her company has inspired many female golf professionals and inspired products to be developed. The passion she has invested has clearly been a liberating force for women’s rights in a previously male dominated sport.

While Ambassador Cantrell could have exponentially expanded her business operation early on under today’s business rules she chose to remain centered in creating a sustainable life where she could pursue her passions and causes in the social realm. She did manage to create a limited franchise of her company name Lady Golf making it known abroad and operates at a much higher capacity than a normal retail outlet thanks to the Internet which now accounts for a majority of her annual sales. In 2012 she was recognized in Southern California as Entrepreneur of the Year.

A Woman with Many Hats

Representing Fashion Group International at a Scholarship Presentation in Palm Springs, California

Karen is a Princess because her legal name is Princess, she doesn’t have a royal crown so to speak; but she does wear many different hats in daily life with the roles she has come to occupy, also she is descended from a royal blood-line according to her genealogical ancestry profile. While she is very well known locally in her community of Rancho Mirage and where she relocated to to start her career in fashion in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills; she has also become well-known on the world stage as a global citizen and goodwill ambassador. Currently she is professionally involved in projects in Africa, South America, and Asia; while individually she supports over 50 different causes.

She has been recognized by heads of state, governors, president’s and royalty for her work or acknowledging her for other achievements. She has a very impressive portfolio of achievements, awards, titles, and certificates that attest to her life. Legally she is recognized as a Lady, Dame, Ratu Muda, Colonel, Admiral, Dame Grand Cross, Marshal, and Protector among other illustrious honorary titles that most of us hear about but have little ideal or understand of the benefits and privileges that accompany them until we acquire them ourselves.

Official Biography

Ambassador Karen Cantrell hopes to someday soon commission an official biography about her life and experiences and perhaps an autobiographical or personal book work sharing some of her insights on success and life. Meanwhile she has authorized this website to offer transparent information about herself so that others can authenticate and have a reliable source for information about her public and private sector work.

Webmaster’s Note: The links below are pages that were developed for her website focused on her professional and honorary roles. Currently some of this work is up for edition (website redevelopment) but the links have been preserved here. We have plans now that the website is being managed professionally to add features and information. -David J. Wright, Executive Director, Author and Webmaster

Personal, Familiar and Social

Chivalric Orders, Genealogy, Photo Gallery, Social Media

Current Professional and Civil Interests

Titles, Honors and Awards– Ambassador Karen Cantrell holds over 13 well-known distinctive titles and a number of prestigious and notable accolades bestowed by authorities such as heads of state, national leaders, international foreign service organizations and secretariats of international non-governmental organizations.  This page provides a gallery of some of the 60+ awards, honors and titles she has acquired during her lifetime.

Globcal International – Her Excellency Karen Cantrell is a charter member of this well-known social cooperation development and founder of its non-state reformation offshore to become an international trust for native indigenous peoples to protect their special rights to sovereignty, autonomy and self-determination.

Royal Society of St. George (California Chapter) –

Lady Golf (The Fashion House) – Personal business of Karen Cantrell in the Palm Desert.

Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (in reformation) –

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