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Goodwill Ambassador, Global Citizen & Humanitarian

Ambassador Karen Cantrell serves as the executive vice-president of Globcal International in Vienna as a Goodwill Ambassador that engages in non-state diplomacy and international cooperative development of permanent and field missions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign, cultural diversity programs, and the international global citizenship program with UNESCO. 

International Public Figure

Today she works as a known public figure and goodwill ambassador internationally, in recent years she began to exercise her benevolent interests to become a diverse supporter of human rights issues, advocate against animal abuse, protector of indigenous peoples and steward of our planet funding natural resource conservation.

Now recently in 2016 she took up the formation and establishment of a chapter of the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG) after learning about her lineage and family tree which she spent years researching with genealogists. The RSSG is a social (fraternal society) that to teaches and promotes the English way of life, culture and traditions.

In the United States she is  a sponsor and long-time member of the United Nations Association of the Inland Empire where in January 2013 she became their Vice President specializing in area resource development.

In the business realm, Karen Cantrell (Princess Karen Cantrell) is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman who started LadyGolf.com on the Internet and actively operates an independent local retail outlet in southern California’s Palm Desert. She has been working with clothing, fashion and golf for nearly 30 years.

She uses her success in business to help others and become involved in both local and international (global) affairs while enjoying life as much as possible. As an advocate and non-state actor she has become involved traveling the world and visiting to the initiatives she has helped to develop through her work in the social media and with organizations she is supporting.

Her philanthropy as a benefactor of international missions and with local causes is driven by her personal concern for the world and to be recognized as a good person in life.